It’s weird how I feel about birthdays.. weddings..
I’m all smiling and suddenly I feel like I don’t belong there.. like I need to be somewhere else.. with someone else..
And I know its always been him.. I’ve always felt the void.. but I can’t do anything about it..
and no I don’t wanna listen to stuff where they tell me.. he would want you to be happy..
they are not wrong..
but sometimes you have to be sad.. you have to cry.. you have to let it out of your system.. and that will make you feel better.. you can’t just keep repressing your emotions.. proving to people that your strong.. Well No! Hiding your emotions makes you weak! It makes you vulnerable.. So its better to cry sometimes.. And express what you feel..
and you know what? You get to know this better.. when you have those amazing people in your life.. who let you be yourself..I feel so lucky..
Dont ever let them go.. That will be something you will regret..all your life..
I’m not letting my peeps go.. no matter what..

What about you?
-Severita Souza